Life is made up of many stages.

I will accompany you to increased health, will-begin, and awareness.

Ewald Töth, M.D.

For more than 30 years, I have completely dedicated my work as a physician and integrative medical professional to serving the well-being of humankind. My name stands for integrative medical research, therapeutic work, clinical experience and integrative medical practice, as well as for the development of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, and equally for the development of natural, alkaline skin care products and holistic food supplements for the benefit of humans.


Integrative Medicine according to Ewald Töth, M.D.

brings together classical medicine, naturopathic treatment, regulatory therapy, TCM, energy medicine, manual therapy, psychotherapy, as well as spiritual healing methods, and awareness building. Only by connecting these healing systems and unifying all individual medical disciplines, will comprehensive, effective, respectful, and responsible behavior be possible.
The individual is the focus of all integrative medical work.

Integrative medical bowel rehabilitation according to Ewald Töth, M.D.

is an interconnected diagnostic and therapeutic system with a comprehensive detoxification and cleansing of the liver, gall bladder, stomach, and intestines, hence the heart of integrative therapy. It reaches all 7 tissue types, the 8 + 1 bodily fluid, and thereby the entire human motor system.
I pass on this comprehensive knowledge to interested physicians and practitioners in training seminars, so that it may reach and benefit many human beings via successfully trained colleagues.

Creating consciousness

Every intention begins with becoming conscious. This means becoming aware of oneself, as well as consciously perceiving and recognizing connections in one’s environment—the system every human finds him or herself in. Consciousness and mindfulness are the prerequisites for social behavior and they enable healthy co-existence. I see myself as a companion in the recovery process.

Emotional management

The energy of emotions which are not lived out or which are suppressed,  settles in the organs. Very often, this energy is the trigger for unwanted biochemical processes in our body which are responsible for organic problems. Subsequently, illnesses develop. In the seminar, “Emotional Management”, I convey effective tools for successful energy management.

Quantum medical research

Quantum medicine is a new medical science which combines physics with medicine. Quantum physical findings are incorporated with medical science. This opens a new approach to better understand and to holistically treat the complex and intertwined functions and processes of the human body. The Licht-Quell-Alm, amongst other things, is a teaching and research farmstead of light-photon (Licht-Quanten) research.


Conventional medicine has taught us that there is some kind of medicine, some cream or some vaccine for any complaints or deficiencies. Therefore, we need to re-learn how to trust our self-healing powers again, and how to integrate nature into our therapeutic concepts. This is the basis of my holistic medical practice, research and teaching.

“Whenever man’s most valuable asset is at risk-our physical, mental and psychological health-only the very best is good enough.”

Ewald Töth, M.D.

Scientific society for quantum medicine and consciousness research

Scientific medical director: Ewald Töth, M.D.

What is quantum medicine?

Quantum medicine is a new medical science which incorporates quantum physics findings with medical research and the development of holistic medical diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. Quantum physics, besides the theory of relativity, is the second fundamental pillar of modern physics. Austrian quantum physicist Anton Zeilinger says, “Quantum physics is a physics of information and the relationships of single particles to one another. “Thus, quantum medicine is a medicine of information. It opens up the application of field control of the human body. This approach enables a better understanding and holistic treatment of the complex and intertwined functions of the body. Further subject areas are energy medicine, regulatory medicine and individual medicine.

What is consciousness research?

Consciousness research examines the connections between body, mind and spirit, particularly in relationship to physiological and pathological processes. Many individual disciplines are involved in the research of consciousness since there is a large number of varying, empirically describable phenomena. Above all, quantum psychology studies the cause and effect of mental and psychological states and the learning of multi-dimensional consciousness, among other things. Neuroscience also offers many valuable findings, such as the connections between psycho-neural-immunological processes.

Knowledge transfer

It is of great importance to us to make our findings available to all people. We publish expert papers, and give lectures and seminars which are understandable for informed experts as well as other people interested in the subject of health.
The Licht-Quell-Alm is the seat of the scientific society and is used for various seminars for groups of adults and children. Our facilities, which include plenty of guest rooms designed with natural, high quality building materials and are surrounded by untouched nature and pure spring water, are also available for external lecturers. Knowledge transfer in the form of evening lectures and workshops for small groupsare offered at the health center in Baden bei Wien. Please feel free to contact us for further information.

Our longstanding partners:

Forum Via Sanitas

Association for the promotion of holistic health care


Austrian Society forControlled Acupuncture and TCM


European Academy for Traditional Chinese Medicinee.V. (registered association)

Bewusst_gesund_sein_® Kopie

Health Center for Holistic Medicine

Ewald Töth, M.D. – Medical Director

We accompany you on your path to health.

Our longstanding experience in holistic medical practice enables us to see connections which hitherto have remained unrecognized in many patients’ medical histories. At the health center in Baden bei Wien, we specialize in designing individual therapies for the most varied symptoms by utilizing holistic diagnostic procedures. Special emphasis is put on gut cleansing and hormonal regulation. We take the time to understand the patient as a whole being, on the physical, mental and emotional levels; because the body cannot be viewed in an isolated manner. Everything is inseparably connected. Quite specifically one can observe this interplay in cases of rapid heartbeat and fears—in one case, the rapid heartbeat causes fears; conversely, fears lead to a rapid heartbeat. Therefore, this difference also requires differing approaches. Besides a detailed analysis using holistic diagnostic procedures, we explore the disease-causing lifestyle factors with the patient, including nutrition, stress, environmental pollution, daily routine, life-work balance, etc. New, feasible alternatives to the old lifestyle habits are pointed out, and specific suggestions for therapy and medication are developed. Recognizing and understanding the personal disease process enables the patient to assume responsibility for the healing process. This, in turn, makes it easier to implement the suggestions in everyday life.

For additional support, lectures, workshops and seminars, as well as private sessions for emotional-cyberneticbody therapy and psychotherapy are offered. In advance or as accompanying information, our comprehensive information brochures and expert lectures allow for an intellectual debate of our philosophy, “Conscious-Healthy-Being”. With this in mind, we look forward to accompanying you in your healing process.

If you have questions regarding our services, would like to know whether this is the right place for you, with your medical history, or if you want to make an appointment right away, please contact us at 02252/42742 or via email

“Health is a process. Taking personal responsibility for becoming healthy is the first step.”

BärbelKullik, M.D. and graduate psychologist; Medical head of the health center

Medical services

  • Holistic medical check
  • Microbiological tongue swab
  • Laboratory tests (blood, urine, stool)
  • Gut cleanse/symbiosis control—restoring intestinal flora
  • Acid-base regulation
  • Scar tissue balancing
  • Regulation with bioidentical hormones
  • Ayurvedic pulse diagnosis
  • Acupuncture and moxabustion therapy
  • Hildegard bloodletting, in the method of Dr. Ewald Töth
  • Face-lifting acupuncturewith full-body acupuncture
  • Autologous serum face-lifting
  • Psychotherapy: NLS-neuro-linguisticsystemtherapy

Therapeutic services

  • Colonic hydrotherapy
  • Cupping therapy
  • Metabolic-immunestress test/ food intolerance test
  • Nutrition counselling for food intolerances
  • Bio-resonance therapy
  • Immune system strengthening therapies
  • Morpho-cyberneticbody therapy

Massage & body therapy

  • Emotional-cybernetic spine treatment, in the method of Dr. Ewald Töth
  • Energetic Dorn-Breussspine treatment with energy body harmonization
  • Reflexology treatment
  • Manual lymphdrainage, in the method of Dr. Vodder
  • Segmental massage
  • A.P.M. acupuncture massage, in the method of Penzel
  • Functional muscle taping
  • Manual therapy, in the method of Dr. Terrier


Seat of the Scientific Society for Quantum Medicine and Consciousness Research

Nature in its original state.

The Licht-Quell-Alm is a special place located in the Salzkammergut region, the heart of Austria,where nature awareness and the healing powers of nature can be experienced and witnessed. It is a certified organic agriculture and forestry farmstead which I operate jointly with Silvia Szalony (Helping Flowers®). The Licht-Quell-Alm is also a teaching and research estate and the seat of the Scientific Society for Quantum Medicine and Consciousness Research.

“Here, the soul can rest at peace, the body can rejuvenate and the mind can absorb many new impressions.”

Ewald Töth, M.D.

Organic agriculture

We practice integrative, organic agriculture and forestry and maintain nature conservation based on partnership. This kind of alpine farming provides us with natural, strong wild herbs as well asclear and high energetic spring water. All plants are organically certified. Helping Flowers® flower essences also originate here.

Spring of light

At an elevation of 1,000 meters, the sunlight energy is recorded via a patented, helio-technical procedure oncarrier substances such as spring water, minerals and crystal saltand present in all Licht-Quanten natural products.

Seminar location

Small groups can findadreamlike, tranquil location and untouched nature. Ideal to combine the seminar with a vacation on the pasture at the same time. Twelve hectares of forest and meadows are available for undisturbed activities in nature.

Academy for Health and Consciousness Building

of the Scientific Society for Quantum Medicine and Consciousness Research

Rediscovering health.

Knowledge creates perspective, which allows for many options for gaining new aspects on the path towards health, vitality, the joy of life and consciousness. Below you will find a list of all lecture and seminar topics. For detailed information please click directly on the lecture or seminar. For current dates please click below on the button “current seminars” or “current lectures”. The entire range of offers can be adjusted to individual interests as well as for special expertise areas in companies, hospitals or professional group organizations. Please also feel free to ask for information on successful past cooperations; perhaps this will lead to entirely new ideas. Please contact the seminar organization office for all questions of content:

Hildegard bloodletting in the practice of Dr. med. Dipl. Psych. Bärbel Kullik

Appointments, further information and registration at 02252/42742 or via Mail

Hildegard bloodletting

Along-proven detoxification method with holistic medical methodology

In the method of Ewald Töth, M.D.

Hildegard bloodletting,in the method of Dr. Ewald Töth, is a special purging procedure for blood hygiene through intensive detoxification and deacidification of the blood, based on written tradition of Hildegard von Bingen. Thromboses-endangered, homotoxin-ladenblood is withdrawn. This tradition dates back to Hippocrates (460-377 B.C.) and even further, according to his writings. Based on the visions and guidelines of St. Hildegard, I have further developed bloodletting to a modern therapeutic procedure. In interdisciplinary cooperation, I developed a bloodletting laminar needle/tube system based upon up-to-date blood electro physiology and fluid mechanics, simplifying and professionalizing bloodletting for physicians and alternative practitioners. Yet, not only are the tools used crucial, but it turns out that the timing, preparation, configuration, choice of the correct vein and the amount of blood withdrawn greatly impact whether or not bloodletting has the desired effect. Many factors are involved, and this is why I offer continuing education seminars for physicians and alternative practitioners.

The book “Der Hildegard-Aderlass nach Dr. Ewald Töth” ISBN 978-3-9501834-1-2, published by Licht-Quanten-Verlag, discusses this topic in compact form for further reading for physicians, alternative practitioners as well as people interested in health.

Please also visit the separate homepage Hildegard bloodletting, in the method of Ewald Töth, M.D.

Ewald Töth, M.D.

Quality products: Dietary supplements and alkaline body care

Produced by Licht-QuantenNaturprodukte GmbH, Austria

Food is a means of life

A conscious lifestyle which benefits one’s health includes nutrition. “Your food products shall be your healing products; your healing products shall be your food products!”This quote by Hippocrates expresses this very clearly, even today. Dietary supplements are food too. Due to their increased amount of vital substances, they possess the quality of being able to supplement normal nutrition for specific goals. An increased need for vital substances may be present in special situations or life circumstances such as an unbalanced diet, physical and/or psychological stress or the predominant consumption of industrially produced food products.

Health, charisma and beauty

Humans from a bio logical and biochemical perspective-, are predominantly alkaline creatures. A large alkaline reservoir, as a functional buffering system,serves as a prerequisite for maintaining all vital processes. By nature, skin tissue is alkaline. However, skin secretions, such as sweat, can be acidic. Thus, from a holistic medical point of view, it is advisable to support the acid-base balance of the skin with alkaline body care products. Dietary supplements and alkaline body care based upon the physiological foundations of life can support the natural process of life and maintain health.

Lived consciousness

Every Dr. Ewald Töth–Product® is based upon my knowledge of traditional and classic European medicine, the laws of naturopathy and my understanding of natural connections of life. Based on the seven physiological foundations of life, all products support the human being at his or her physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual level. The sun energy contained gives the products additional power and effect. By means of a patented, helio-technical procedure, sunlight is stored on carrier substances such as spring water, minerals and crystallized quartz salt.

Dietary supplements

Bringing balance to the body from within.

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Alkaline care

Beautiful skin is healthy and alkaline.

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Sun power for body, mind and spirit.

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